Industrial IOT

We are at the forefront for the adoption of Industrial IOT and Industry 4.0 and help companies discover the true business value of these advanced technologies.




Our Expertise

Our IOT solutions help companies to remove inefficiencies, highlight new business opportunities, manage downtime, improve production rates, improve safety, and use gaps in workforce skills more efficiently. As part of the implementation of the IOT solution, we will create a tailor-made programme to create a sensory-led system that can be controlled and managed both remotely and locally on-site. Data can then be accessed historically and in real time to achieving the objectives of the solution.

We have invested heavily to be at the forefront of embedded and industrial IOT sensor and gateway technology.

Our Solution

With design capabilities in RF, Analogue and Digital we can develop advanced IOT sensor and sensor array designs  using the latest tools and proven development processes.

Our IOT Sensors are capable of physically gathering data, be that temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, and so on.

Our functional building block sensor development platform enables Nandi Powertronics to rapidly prototype and prove an innumerable combination of possible IOT sensor applications, providing a low risk and fast time to market route for companies desperate to include IOT technology within their offering.

Our IOT Gateway acts as the middleman between the cloud (internet) and the sensors, collecting, collating and analyzing the sensor outputs then feeding the data up to the cloud. Our entire Industrial PC range are designed with modular expansion supporting a plethora of wireless communication protocols, most popularly 3G, 4G, LTE, WiFi and Bluetooth. Fully functionally and visually customizable, alongside a range of available pre-installed Operating Systems achieve a turn-key IOT Gateway solution.

All of our design engineers are fully trained to recognize IPC CID+ standards for circuit design and PCB design. This includes specific capability in Design For eXcellence (DFX), Design for Manufacture (DFM), Design for Test (DFT) and Design for Assembly (DFA). Additionally, as IOT invariably involves wireless communications, our combination of wireless design expertise to produce efficient solutions, alongside our in-house pre-compliance test equipment, we are able to get the product through certification and to market faster than ever before.

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