A work culture based on Total Quality Management

The focus on quality is enshrined in the Quality Policy which prioritizes the adoption of continuous improvement and process upgrades for supplying quality products to achieve customer satisfaction.

Customer-Oriented Quality Policy

We are committed to deliver technically compatible, environmentally-safe interface modules and monitoring solutions to meet customer requirements globally by adopting continual improvement and process upgradation methods

Process-Oriented Quality Policy

To create a culture, amongst all our employees towards total quality concepts.

Management on the principle of TQM culture maintaining total customer satisfaction.

Quality Process

Quality control systems certified to ISO 9001:2015 standards

Products developed at Nandi Powertronics are subjected to stringent Quality norms. This involves the use of Inspections at each stage of the production process for impeccable quality.  Our infrastructure includes a wide variety of Testing & Measuring equipments such as multimeters, current meters, voltage meters and oscilloscopes. Besides equipments, our Quality Control facilities also include sophisticated simulation software to test designs.


We have developed advanced capabilities to build jigs and fixtures for inspection & quality control using a combination of testing and measuring equipment and simulation software. The jigs and fixtures are built to suit the products being inspected and are operated by Testing and Quality Control personnel. Products manufactured at Nandi Powertronics are also subjected to additional testing processes such as susceptibility testing, surge testing and reliability testing.

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