Modern, state-of-the-art Infrastructure

45,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing facilities in the heart of the technology capital, Bangalore

Automated Production Line

Assembly Workstations

Test Jigs & Equipment



  • Semi-automatic Processing system for leaded component assembly
  • Surface Mounted Devices (SMD) Assembly Line
  • Design & Development Center
  • System Integration & Automation Solution Center

R&D Centre

An R&D Centre has been setup to add value to the product development process and the pre-qualification of the product along with the development of processes for appropriate testing for susceptibility, surge and reliability. Processes for qualifying the product under EMI/EMC are also carried out as necessary.

Training Centre

A Skill Development Centre has been setup to provide multiple skills to candidates and make them industry-ready. Candidates with various technical abilities are provided a platform to explore all aspects of the production process and specialize in their chosen field.

Automated SMD Assembly Line

Pick & Place Machine

With capability of handling up to 112 feeders placement of a wide variety of components, and a top speed of 16,000 components per hour, it makes it possible to easily increase volumes to meet ever increasing demands.

Automatic Optical Inspection Machine

Inline inspection machine which can be used for Mounting/Solder inspection. Inline vision inspector with 10 Megapixel camera, laser scan, 10 Megapixel side cameras and 8 phases coaxial color lighting system provides  a clear noise-free image for precise defect detection.

Wave Soldering Machine

Advanced, meticulously engineered lead-free Nitrogen Wave Soldering System designed for high-mass and high-volume manufacturing.

Reflow Oven

A Nitrogen Purge Reflow Oven that makes use of nitrogen to purge air that may contain contaminants or moisture for improved soldering quality.


Nandi Powertronics has been in the forefront of adapting sustainable manufacturing methods to cause minimal impact to our environment.

Energy Efficiency

Through the use of solar energy for power consumption

Water Efficiency

Deployment of Rain Water Harvesting and Water recycling systems

Health & Comfort

Maximizing the use of natural light and air within our working environment

Green Cover

Maintaining natural plants and trees for a positive effect on the environment


Re-use of packaging materials


Responsible handling of all electronic waste

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